Giving Myself Permission to Change the Way I Do Things

When I look at the title of this blog post, I find it a bit odd and I’m the one who is sitting here coming to grips with the concept. Why should I have to give myself permission to change the way do things? Well, because we need to know it’s okay to change how things are done in our lives when the circumstances surrounding us change.

Recently, my father got very sick and he had to leave the family business. Upon doing so he had to ask my husband to come back to work full time, which he’d left the business after twenty-five years and has been a stay-at-home dad (his dream job) for six months. We had a little routine. I was able to completely focus on my career and he took care of the kids and the house. With one phone call all of that changed.

Now, with all of that said, let me assure you that there wasn’t a single moment of hesitation on his part. He was at work the next day at 3am and he took over the job he’d been trained for a quarter of a century to do. With Dad gone, my sister, husband, mother and I were forced to do some serious digging into how my Dad did things to run his business. So I took my office set up down to the business and ran from an empty desk so that I could pick up any loose pieces. And that is what I’ve been doing for the past month.

Up until that day, I’d been working feverishly to get my blog moving into a direction where it would be a stable new business. I was writing posts and creating a podcast to accompany the blog. All of that seemed to come to a crashing halt, and I was worried that I was never going to get back to my business. My publishing house has a team, and that team has been able to take care of the little things I need taken care of. But by the wayside was my blog and my events/education company. How were they going to grow without me working them all the time, not to mention that I hadn’t been writing either.49712120 - checking on to do list. top view.

It was then that it occurred to me that I needed to let a few things slide and focus on some other things. The blog wasn’t dead and neither were my companies. I just needed to readjust my thinking and perhaps prioritize some tasks.

When I looked at my calendars I realized that there wasn’t anything there that was going to make or break any of my companies. Okay, so I do a few less takeovers for authors. Hockey season is almost over, and I can plan them at that time. So I didn’t get a blog post done last week on how my kids handled hockey playoffs. It’s still a topic for another day. I gave myself permission to reevaluate, reorganize, and rid myself of a few tasks that a month ago filled an hour, but now just would have to be dropped–at no cost to anyone.

I gave myself permission to meditate and pray more. I gave myself permission to be calm and listen when my husband or sister might be a bit worked up over the situation at hand. They are under an immense amount of stress, and though I’m here to help, I haven’t been here day after day like they have and equally their lives have been turned upside down. I’ve given myself permission to select the things I do for my kids. Though all teenagers, helping by getting lunch ready was a routine that we had in the mornings, but now if they want lunch packed they have to do it, and it’s okay for me to let that go.

Giving myself permission to change my schedule and not take on everything is a big deal for me. I can’t do everything and add more. Something has to give, but without permission I’m not apt to make the changes I need. Therefore, I accept that I can give permission to myself to change and be okay with it all.

How have you given yourself permission in the past to change your life, even in the littlest bit?

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Giving Myself Permission to Change the Way I Do Things




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