Vionic Shoes are One of My #FavoriteThings

It’s #FavoriteThingsFriday and today I want to share with you my love of Vionic shoes!

When I returned home from Star Wars Celebration in April, I was THRILLED to find two boxes of shoes sent to me from Vionic. Let me tell you, I needed them.

I had made the very conscious decision to wear a nasty, cheap pair of flip flops through Orlando for a week. I knew that I would be paying a hefty price for it too, and I did. See, even though I live in Colorado, I wear flip flops all year long. Yes, sometimes even in the snow. I was thrilled to have a pair of Vionic scandals to try.

rs8455-p87-sr100588-335elation1-pnkomb-lifesty-le-0017-lprVionic shoes are based around Orthotic Technology, made for everyone. I tend to walk on the outside of my feet, and my shoes wear out. With my Vionics, I’m aligned  and balanced correctly, even in sandals.This does more for your body than make your feel feel better. Just think of how often you compensate for aching feet. By keeping you aligned and well balanced, your entire body benefits. The Orthotic Technology is also great for  plantar fasciitis too.

I also received a pair of athletic shoes. I have wider feet, however, I don’t have super wide feet. The problem is that most athletic shoes are made for a narrow foot. Well, let me tell you, after four pregnancies, my feet are no longer narrow. It happens. The athletic shoes give me that fantastic support and comfort. I walk up to twenty miles a week recreationally. I needed something that would take the brunt of that, and not my legs or feet.

If you’re looking for a great pair of shoes, I can’t say enough about the Vionic line. (They aren’t just sandals and athletic shoes either! You can look fantastic and feel great while being right in style too!)

Check them out at ​!

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I love Vionic shoes! They are one of my #FavoriteThings |


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