2018 Goals and Planning


With the arrival of 2018, it’s time to set those goal we been thinking up into motion. No doubt your desk or your planner is filled with things you want to accomplish in 2018. For me, I always start with a healthy mindset for my body and my family. As for my career, I have very specific goals that I’m looking to meet.

It’s not enough to know what your goals are, you have to have an action plan as well. Nothing happens over night, so how are you going to meet those goals before 2019?

When you’re driving somewhere new, most people will look up the directions prior to meeting out on their journey. They familiarize themselves with the turns, the roads, and the destination itself. This is no different than having a personal goal.

Let’s take a look at losing weight in 2018. (Popular enough.) I know that if I want to lose 30 pounds I have to know how to get there. Statistics say that 80% of losing weight is what we eat and 20% is exercise. So I know that just by going to the gym everyday isn’t going to make me lose all my weight. I need to learn how to plan meals, shop for the right foods, prepare the right foods, and keep track of what I eat. In addition to that, I have to cut back on sweets, extra meals, and fast food. I also need to make sure that I’m working out. Often this might just mean adding more steps into my day, or maybe learning to lift weights, or train for a race.

If I implement the right eating pattern each day, paying attention to the foods that I consume, and having a plan, I should begin to see results. If I don’t, then I have to rethink my plan without becoming discouraged.

This year I want to begin thinking of eating more whole foods and less processed foods. I’ve committed to 365 days of yoga and walking. In order to make this work, I add this to my daily calendar and make it something I check off my list, just as I would with all the other tasks I have to complete in a day. I also know that within my businesses, I have certain objectives that I want to meet this year. For one, I want to increase my blog traffic. Not only did I chose to take a blogging course, even though I’ve blogged for years, I make it one of my business priorities during my work day. It comes with a set of tasks as well, all which get me toward my goal, which is to drive more traffic to my blog.

Most people are on their computers, but I do find that writing things down in a planner gives me a visual I just don’t get online. My handwriting showing me my goals is very powerful. Visualizing from start to finish gives me a solid plan. Yes, it might have to be shifted a bit, but that’s all part of the path to reaching our goals.

What are some of your goals in 2018? I’d love to have you share them with us!THOB Bernadette Marie January-3



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  1. Renzi says:

    My goals this year is a NEW ME! Started with getting a planner to write things down because I am a visual person as well. Trying to focus on self care, launch my new business and focus on this blogging adventure. Basically trying to use my boys as my inspiration to give them a good life.

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