Our Creative Christmas Wrapping Method

There is nothing quite like the gleeful, giddy feel you get when presents begin to amass under the Christmas tree. It’s one of those feelings that takes you right back to childhood. Of course, if you have kids at your house, and it doesn’t matter the age, they want to pick them up, shake, rattle, and roll them until the wrapping paper is almost in shreds, or the contents may be broken. However, what if they don’t know who the box it for? The mystery then deepens.

For the past few years the boxes under our tree have been coded. There have been a few years where the gifts were “labeled” by wrapping paper. They spent the holidays trying to decide whose paper was whose. For the most part they were able to sort that one out on their own. My eldest and youngest are Star Wars fans, my 18-year-old always was fond of Toy Story. The younger of my twin sons is a super hero kind of guy and the other a fan of Cars.

IMG_8934This year, I resurrected something I did years ago. The packages are all of the above mentioned wrapping paper. But written on the front are obscure words, usually Disney or Superhero themed. I have a master list of riddles for each of the packages and whom they go to. For example, I might ask my youngest son, “Who is Buzz Lighyear’s best friend?” He would then search for the gift marked Woody. (I can guarantee you that all 5 of them, regardless of their age, know what all the boxes say by now and they won’t be searching for long.)

This prolongs the joy of opening gifts a bit longer, keeps it in my control, and makes a fun tradition as well.

What are some of your Christmas present opening traditions?

THOB Bernadette Marie January


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