Making Time for Yourself this Holiday Season and All Year Long

Admit it, you mutter the phrase, “I’m too busy,” too often. I’m guilty of this, and in 2018 I’m making a change in that course of my life. Everything can wait just a moment so that I can have a bit of time to reenergize my soul and my spirit.

For the past six months or so, my mom, sister, and I have been attending painting parties each month. We fell into as you do with most things. I have a friend who does the parties, she works in a restaurant with a back room, they arranged to do these parties once a month. BAM! I have somewhere to go each month with people I like to hang around with. Bonus, I come home with something to display each month too.

We have a few hours, which are clearly marked in my calendar, where we have a beer, eat some dinner, and laugh at the process of trying to paint a masterpiece. We bond. We talk. And we laugh some more.

Yes, parenthood is 24/7. It’s what you signed up for. But if you don’t give yourself recess sometimes, you don’t get to enjoy the ups and downs.

What are some activities you’d recommend doing with friends or family that give you a bit of alone time? Have you done a painting party? If so, I want to see your work!

Until next time, get out and have some fun. You deserve it!


THOB Bernadette Marie January




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