Have Kids Will Travel; Disneyland CA post#1

It’s that time of year. Time for the family to head to Disneyland. Of course, for the past three years, it seems that every time you check Facebook, the family is heading to Disneyland. Seriously, how many times can a family of 7 fly from Colorado for this vacation? Not enough, I say.

However, it has made us all experts of sorts. We have made this trip almost every year since my youngest was 2 and the oldest was 8. We know how to travel in diapers and car seats. We know how to appease teenagers. We’ve gone the Disney travel route. We’ve (mostly) done the plan it yourself route. Have a budget? Yep, we worked on a get there budget, a scrape the change out of your car budget, and a skies the limit budget. We’ve eaten in the park and out of the park. Fast Passes aren’t that scary either, when you know about them. Disney trips are nearly stress free now and it is our quest to help you have a stress free Disneyland vacation as well.

So begin looking for my HAVE KIDS WILL TRAVEL segment. (There is also a tab on the side bar that you can follow them in order and by category.) The family is pitching in too. Each of the boys, and hubby too, will be giving you their quick thought on each topic. If it’s ratable, we’re rating it for you!

Have questions about anything? email me at bernadette@thishouseofboys and I’ll try to incorporate your questions.

Happy Traveling!

Love and Thanks

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