Grocery Pickup and Delivery…YES PLEASE!

What a time saver! Grocery pickup or delivery has been a game changer.

When my youngest was born,(and was classified as a chronicle sick baby,) and I had 2 toddlers, a preschooler, and a 1st grader on my hands too, needless to grocery shopping was a chore. Right about that time King Soopers stores (Kroger family of stores) in Colorado began delivering for $10. YES PLEASE! Now, I couldn’t afford it often, but I so wished they had had that when my twins were infants. I certainly had my hands full.

Well now they have Click List (each chain is a little different.) You order online and pick them up. Someone else goes through the store for you. It’s $4.95, but it saves us so much in impulse buys, and at least an hour or more a week. And because we order off of our meal plan, because with 7 people you have to have one, we don’t over buy. We don’t miss anything either because we weren’t distracted. From the list, to the computer, pick it up at the store.

Another bonus is that if it’s on sale, you see it. They tell you what you’ve bought in the past, so it’s easy to repeat. Oh, and if they are out and have to sub it for something more expensive, they adjust the price to what you chose in the first place! You can’t do that at the store by yourself.

The other day, our Echo Dot told us we could get a free trial of Amazon Fresh since we used the feature that kept our grocery list up to date. So fantastic! The subscription is $14.95 a month, and free delivery over $40. On time, an Uber driver arrives with your groceries, packed and iced. YES!

So many options to save us all time now. And as a busy mother of 5, this has been a life saver. Now, my husband, who is a full time dad, uses the service. He loves the ease of picking up his groceries after dropping the kids off at school. Meal planning and prep have never been so easy!

What do you think of these services?

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11 thoughts on “Grocery Pickup and Delivery…YES PLEASE!

  1. stretchingcentswithcarrie says:

    I haven’t tried any of the ones you mentioned, but I am a HUGE fan of the Walmart pick up service! Anything to keep me from having to unbuckle the car seats of my 3 kids and take them in a store is worth every penny!

    • thishouseofboys says:

      AMEN! I agree. There is nothing worse than the load and unload, a parking lot, AND a basket full of groceries.

  2. thisnthatparenting says:

    I haven’t tried ordering groceries yet. I go back and forth. I have a 2 & a 4 year old. If we have a bad day at the grocery store I swear I’m going to start using one. Otherwise, I sometimes look at it as a field trip since we don’t get out much!

    • thishouseofboys says:

      I can see that dilemma. When mine were younger, even when the bigger ones were in school, I still had 2 toddlers and a chronically ill infant. It was a Godsend. Now, dragging teenagers with me is worse than toddlers 🙂 So again…it’s a must. Let me know what you think if you do it. I you have the pickup, even with kids, that’s kind of fun. They bring it right to your car and put it in for you.

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